Accelerate FTCC Turnaround Times

Transferring money out of South Africa can be an administrative headache.

We can walk you step by step through this process to ensure you receive your FTCC in record time.

Get your Foreign Tax Clearance Certificate

SA residents can send up to R1 million abroad in a calendar year but require a Foreign Tax Clearance Certificate in order to surpass this amount (R10 million or Special Approval of R20 million.)

At Mint, we have a zero-decline rate for FTCC applications conducted on behalf of our clients, simply by virtue of the ample experience we’ve built up in this realm.

We charge a nominal administrative fee to assist clients with their application, and walk them step-by-step throughout the process, offering peace-of-mind and a guaranteed positive result.

Compliance Guaranteed

Mint is the accounting and tax specialist who replaces confusion, penalties and fear with absolute peace-of-mind. We’ll ensure your compliance with SARS, whatever your tax requirements are.